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WQS China Marketing is a branch of the Western Quality Services corporation. We are a globally-linked international business solutions company offering insightful marketing, influential advertising, and business development with China.

More About Us

Western Quality Services is a North American / Western European owned and operated company. We specialize in helping bridge East-West businesses to take advantage of the changing world scene and to get the most out of business in and with China.


Our Mission

Conquering the world and its opportunities via innovative solutions and synergistic business networks so as to advance your business interests. Our long-term goals stretching into infinity and infinite possibilities - we hope you will join us...


Our Values

We value beauty in truth, creation, creatures, man-made inventions and more... We take advantage of these awesome powers with expertise and cross-media design strategies. Visualizing and then realizing our customers goals.


Our Solution

Leveraging our worldwide networks, resources and methodologies with both classic and high-tech technologies. Interactively coordinating a complete design package utilizing web, print, events, e-commerce and more via holistic, process-centric "outside the box" thinking.


WQS China Marketing

China Marketing, China Advertising, China Website design, University and Institutional Services.