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Secrets to Success in China Marketing - The 5 Basic Steps To Creating and Managing Brand Experience for Goods

(Or... How to Get Help for Your Brand and Product Launch in China)

How do you plan for a successful product launch in China... ?

The China market is quickly becoming inundated with products from all over the world. The Chinese consumer is often found meandering around the shopping malls, grocery store aisles and online shopping platforms - mesmerized by the choices...

A brand is one of the most valuable assets of a business, and it needs to be carefully crafted to ensure it properly and authentically represents the business. (simply copying another brands style or logo will more than likely turn customers away; it looks cheap, unimaginative and lacking in originality...)

Crafting a successful brand and/or product image is often referred to as being more of a “marathon” than a “sprint” and it must take the customer into consideration.

Brands are only relevant if they are desired and “needed” by customers.

In today's digital and fast-paced world it is no longer simply the company that spends the most money in advertising and marketing that attracts the most customers, rather it is the company that makes a “connection” with the customer (both online “connections” and personal / emotional “connections”). WQS can help you develop both types of connections.

In today’s advanced technological world, customers are not as brand-loyal as they once were, they are only loyal to a brand as long as the brand remains relevant to them. Customer loyalty is no longer measured in years, it can be months, weeks or even a few seconds – the speed of a click on their laptops, mobile phones or tablets. WQS will help you give your customers a lasting impression and a strong desire for your company and products.

A company’s brand identity is typically thought of as how that business wants to be perceived by consumers - how the company wants a customer to “feel” when the customer (or potential customer) sees their advertisements or when they are their your products. However, in reality, it’s the customers - not the companies - that ultimately define a truly successful brand. 

Is good advertising and good marketing all I need?

No. You also need to have a good product (a good type or style of product, good product quality etc.) and a good price. Brand experience will attract customers to a business and buy products, but will it will ultimately only be successful in the long-term if the business delivers on its promises - and at a competitive price.

WQS China Marketing will thus design in line with your company's desires and with what your market truly wants.

“While products can be copied, built cheaper and sold at cheaper prices... a strong brand, great customer service and quality can’t be so readily copied.”

Brand experience is an essential component of consumer influence. This is vitally important to consider since in China – and most of the world - “word of mouth” is becoming a more and more powerful form of advertisement (please see our blog on “grass-roots advertising”).

So, what does it take to create an awesome - and high ROI - brand experience for your business?


Step 1 – Choosing and Designing the Right Products & Setting Good Product Pricing

Product (product choice and product design):

WQS can help you choose your next product, help you design your products to fit your market's likes and needs, and even manage the quality & production of that product in China. By focusing on what people want – what will sell in your market – and then helping you design your product to be the best in the world (for that specific market or price range) we will help you give your customers the best experience possible...

“as Steve Jobs famously said - and we totally agree... 'truly successful, useful and loved products are those that are designed so that design, functionality, pricing, style... seamlessly & harmoniously work together' - just like a professional orchestra...”


Most consumers are price-savvy (yes, even the “rich”), and an overpriced product will not sell if the competition sells a similar item at a cheaper price. While customers look for quality, they will also protect their pocketbooks (and the, yes again, the “rich” love to “pinch pennies”). If your price-point is too high (“over-priced” - as determined by your market) your sales will be low. The simple fact is that it is all-to-easy to price products beyond the customer's ability – or rather beyond their willingness – to buy your product.

“Setting good, competitive - yet not self-deprecating - price-points is essential to good and sustainable sales...” 


Step 2 – Product (Company) Names and Logos

Names and Logos (for the company itself or for individual products):

WQS China Marketing will help you choose names that will last and reflect both your values and the distinguishing characteristics of your company that will lead more customers to you.

Choosing Best Colors:

Many people do not realize that simply the color of a product or packaging can heavily influence a potential customer's decision. It has been scientifically researched and they have found that the number one factor influencing buyers is based on color. In fact, it accounts for 85 percent of the reason people buy one product over another. Even the ambient colors in a shop or the colors placed near a product on the shelf will have a notable effect on customer's choices and can also even influence whether they make a purchase – or not.

“People make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that 62-90% of that is based on color alone.” - CCICOLOR Institute for Color Research

Step 3 – Websites, e-Commerce Websites & Social Media


WQS will get you the best website possible for your budget – with great, professional English. All of our websites are designed with the best and current technologies. Websites are essential for any company... These days no-one wants to deal with a company that’s not serious enough about what they are doing to have a good, basic – yet modern and professional – website...

e-Commerce Websites:

WQS can design and manage your online store. We use the same technology as E-bay and other powerhouse B2B / B2C platforms. If you only have one item to sell online or thousands of products with various colors, options etc... our e-Commerce websites can handle the load. Customer's can pay with Alipay, Paypal, credit cards, bank cards etc...

Social media:

WQS can manage meaningful and productive social media accounts. Don’t sign up for every social media sites because they are new or popular. Determine which ones are most relevant to your business. Be proficient and excellent with just a few sites before adding more. (You can learn more about social media marketing at here.)

“Too many social media accounts looks desperate and is simply unnecessary...” ~ Jacob Ezekiel Aud

Company Blog:

WQS can host, compose and update your professional blog. Simple and informative blogs drive new traffic to your website and this will help people to find your company / products through search engines, social media, links to your blog, shares of your blog etc...

Step 4 – Printed Materials and Graphic Design

Business cards:

WQS China Marketing will design a professional, informative and – more importantly – memorable business cards for your company. They will be designed to be attractive to your specific market.

Brochures / Catalogs:

WQS China Marketing will make sure your company composes catalogs and brochures that convey your product range's usefulness, beauty and necessity. Usually, we want to design with clear offline to online references and calls to action regarding purchasing.


Signs can be an essential component of a business's overall marketing strategy. A sign that contains a business's logo can help reinforce its brand. Signs are also used to draw attention to promotions and to convey information about the business and products. WQS China Marketing will capture the look and feel that will draw customers to your company.

Mottoes / Blurbs / Slogans:

WQS China Marketing will help you write the best mottoes, blurbs and slogans that let you quickly and concisely give your customers the “feeling” that they “need” what you have and that they can trust your company.


WQS China Marketing will design and produce great packaging – which is a vital component to a product's sales. Great packaging is especially vital for SME's and new start-ups because it may be the only “advertising” that a potential customer sees. It is vital that the packaging not only be cool and trendy but also tastefully informative.

User’s manual:

WQS China Marketing will make sure your instruction and user manuals are presented clearly, effectively and in good, standard and professional English. You want to make it easy for your customers to use your products, you do not want returned products simply because the customer could figure out how to operate or properly use your products. Moreover, you do not want to turn away potential customers with poorly written and misleading manuals.

Step 5 – Advertising and New Product Launch

B2B / B2C / O2O online accounts, profiles and product descriptions:

WQS can design and manage professional, search engine optimized (SEO) accounts, profiles and product descriptions for your company and products. Just being a member of Ali-Baba or or any other online sales platform does not mean people will buy your products (quite often they can not even find your product in the vast pool of competing or similar items).

Google PPC [Pay Per Click] Advertising (and other platforms LinkedIn, facebook etc...):

WQS China Marketing can set-up, manage and maintain your company's PPC advertising (“pay per click” – both text or display styles). It is now commonplace for companies in Europe and America to turn away from Ali-Baba and other B2B platforms. They now prefer to find companies via online search giant – Google. The reason? They are used to many scams and many trading companies lying to them on the B2B platforms and they know that most of the companies found via Google (and LinkedIn, facebook etc.) are more likely to be real, mature and professional companies.

New Product Launch:

WQS China Marketing can help you with any or all of steps and options in this process. (Of course not every company will need help with each step of the process and each option. WQS China Marketing will help you get the best launch for your budget.)

1. Market Research (yes, before the design stage) – finding what will actually sell

2. Design & Design Details – core & fine-tuning the design so that your product will be the “best in the world” (for your price-range).

3. Building the Brand:

  • Name, Logo, etc...
  • Advertisements
  • Website (new or updated)
  • Packaging

4. Pre-Launch Promotions

  • Announcements on Website etc.
  • Postings to news, blogs, newsletters, media etc...
  • Press Release to Local News (online and offline)
  • Pre-release to current & VIP customers (pre-orders, discounts, souvenirs, promotions, rebates etc...)
  • Prepare for Launch – training staff, designing events etc...

5. Launch and Promotions

  • Actual Launch Event
  • Advertisements Invitations
  • Emails for Actual Launch
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Accept Orders for Launched Product
  • e-Commerce Websites 

We help you make sure your customers have a great experience, they will share that experience with others. Word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool.”

With a successful product launch campaign you can find you product permeating the vast China market and at a fraction of the cost that traditional marketing campaigns would set you back.

Ready to explore launching your new or existing products in China? 

Contact WQS China Marketing now for a free initial consultation on how to plan and execute a successful China product launch campaign. 

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