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China Social Media Marketing - What is it...!?!?!

China Social Media Marketing - China Social Media Marketing is the process of utilizing and leveraging any of the various social media websites or social platforms located in China so as to promote your website, products or services.

China Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create Chinese language content that attracts potential customers via Chinese search engines, links, referrals, etc., and even encourages the viewers to share it across their social networks - thus building a reputation from consumers [electronic word of mouth (eWoM)].

The result is a low-cost, high ROI (high Return on Investment) propagation (advertising) about events, products, services, brands or company in China.


China Social Media Marketing - How can WQS China Marketing Help My China Social Media Campaign?

WQS will talk with you company representatives and help you decide your best China target audiences (target consumers). We match your product/services to those best-suited to be paying customers.

Then we will identify the best China social media platforms, websites etc. that have the China online community or platform to propagate your brands, products or services.

WQS can have your existing materials, copyright etc. translated and/or localized to the China market and made readily available on the chosen websites/platforms. Additionally, we can develop Chinese advertisements, product photos, logos, print, tv/video commercials - focused on the Chinese consumer mindset, likes/dislikes.

We will then develop a platform to monitor your China Social Media. Monthly, weekly, daily reports will be analyzed and used to optimize your various China social networks - adapting to increase traffic, brand awareness, shares and leads/conversion (paying customers).

We will have reports of the social media tracking and the website tracking analyzed for highest ROI maximizing lead generations and conversions. Also, reports can be sent regularly for your sales team to analyze and track sales initiatives etc..

We will track the rates of visitors to your China Social Media Platforms and maximize how many visit your Chinese website and then maximize how many of these visitors are converted into paying customers.

An SEO-Optimized Website Will Help You:

  • Use "free" and/or pay-based social media platforms to bring valuable traffic to your site
  • Utilize China social media to generate leads
  • Link from you China social media accounts to your website and thus boost your website's long-term ranking
  • Become more visible in various market niches
  • Increase brand development and awareness via China social media shares and reposts
  • Increase your brand's appearance in all search engine results

Main China Social Media Marketing Platforms:

  • Sina Weibo - “Weibo” (AKA “Twitter of China”) is the Chinese word for “microblog” with ability to include images and video. It has over twice as many users as Twitter, and it’s used by almost 540 million people!
  • Tencent Weibo - Very similar to Sina Weibo in terms of functionality and demographics. Tencent Weibo acts as social network, connecting people together – like facebook. Tencent Weibo has about 200-250 million users.
  • Youku - Youku (“excellent / cool” in Englis) is the second largest video site in the world (Youtube is #1). Youku has partnered with over 1,500 license holders - television stations, distributors, film and TV production companies.
  • Renren - Renren is essentially China’s Facebook. Renren is the leader in the fast-growing mobile space and caters to college students to 30-somethings. Renren has an estimated 150  million registered users and 31 million active users per month.
  • PengYou - PengYou (“Friend” in English) was developed by Tencent to be a “facebook-like” site. Although, PengYou has less active users than its direct competitors Reren and Weibo,  because of its multiple platforms, it’s the biggest online community in China in terms of  registered users.
  • QQ - QQ (abbreviated from "Tencent QQ") a widely popular instant messaging service. Approcximately 784 million active user accounts with approximately 100 million online at a time.
  • Douban - Douban is very similar to MySpace, popular with special interest groups and communities, and for networking around specific topics. It has over 100 million.
  • Diandian - Diandian (“bit-by-bit”in English) is the “Tumblr of China.” Diandian has over five million users.
  • Wechat - Wechat ("weixin" in Chinese) is a mobile voice and text. Users can chat with friends instantly via voice messages, texts, or images. Official / Bussiness accounts are available to keep consumers "in the loop". It has more than 100 million users.
  • Jiepang - Jiepang (AKA "China's version of FourSquare") is a Chinese location-based social networking service for mobile devices. Users “check in” at nearby venues. Each check-in awards the user points, badges, coupons and “local surprises”.

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