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RECRUITMENT - University / Institution Marketing Services

WQS China Marketing has created a new branch in our company so as to specialize and offer industry-specific services to North American universities, high schools, junior colleges and vocational schools. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective, efficient and results-oriented way for you and your institution to convey the most appealing “face” of your institution to the market niche in China that will result in the highest increases in new student applications (and enrollment).

We have an experienced and talented group of professionals, agents, strategic partnerships and resources that enable us to provide a wide range of services, including website design, localization and development, website optimization, communication planning, brand strategy, print design and localization of existing advertisements, brand development, copy-writing and photography.

We realize that many institutions do not have the money to invest in a large ostentatious marketing campaign. Thus we offer the flexibility and cost-effectiveness that allows smaller or budget-conscious international recruiting departments to develop an effective recruiting campaign in China. We help the schools that are not already internationally known break into the massive market in China. We leverage the internet by developing niche-specific marketing plans for China social media (much of which is free and has no fees once developed), designing China-friendly websites that appeal to the parents and students alike, and set-up and/or manage online advertising campaigns such as PPC on Baidu and other search engines.

Building East - West Institutional Linkages

We will assist you in setting up profitable and effective international linkages (sister schools, student exchanges, etc.).

You give us your American university's information and desired results for specific Chinese student markets.

WQS will do the research and give you a detailed shortlist of Chinese Universities (or high schools) that will be the best match to your desired results. We can then also assist you in establishing "guan-xi" and in program maintenance.