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China student recruiting and marketing

Building US - China Educational Institution Linkages

WQS will assist your American institution in setting up profitable and effective international linkages to China's universities, schools, corporations, etc.

WQS will compare your educational institution's (private school, university, vocational school, ESL training center etc.) information and desired goals to our database of Chinese universities, high schools, other learning institutions and corporations that are interested in sending students to the USA for English lessons, higher education or training. We will conduct market analysis and give you the short-list of best matches to your desired goals. Then, if you would like, we can help initiate lucrative cooperation by establishing "guan-xi", overseeing negotiations, contracts etc.

After establishing the relationship and signing your MOUs or contracts, WQS can also assist your American university in maintaining your relationship (guan-xi) as well as oversee the program maintenance, printing and distributing brochures and tracts etc. 

WQS enables our clients to engage with potential students by offering pathway, student exchange and other academic programs within China - including strategic partnerships between American and Chinese ESL training centers.

WQS can send a Western or local to serve as your representative at meetings, negotiations, contract signings, etc.

Establish "Guan-Xi"

You need assistance in establishing "guan-xi" with your Chinese counterparts - "guan-xi" is the basic dynamic in personalized networks of influence in China's society.

WQS will serve as your representative in China and build this relationship by firmly yet tactfully conveying your thoughts, criteria, documents etc.

Note of Caution: It is a fact that the Western culture is more "blunt" than Eastern cultures. If you want to get things done effectively and efficiently then it is good to use the Eastern model of "guan-xi" and "saving face" as this is the local culture in China.

We have the ability and discretion to get this done for you.