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How To Increase Chinese Enrollment Numbers at Your American Education Institution

The universities and high schools that clearly showed the most profound increase in their overseas Chinese enrollment numbers were all found to have some very clear trends. (This includes institutions with greatest increases in Chinese enrollment numbers such as Indiana University, University of Illinois, Ohio and others.)

First, it should be noted that many schools establish programs, services or extra-curricular activities that the Chinese student market will appreciate (from catering to the Chinese taste in food to Chinese sports and extra-curricular activities).

They will also highlight their institutions most attractive resources in any new marketing (a note of caution - attractive to the Chinese market is often quite different from what is attractive in the US/Western market).

Another key for increasing Chinese recruitment for US schools is by establishing an effective communication avenue via a Chinese-language website with an online application and a simple form for the student to request more information. Of course, to "close the deal" they also allocate the necessary personnel (possibly in China) to assist interested ones in the decision-making and application processes.

The following are the most cost-effective steps to take so as to quickly and effectively increase your Chinese student enrollment.

Step 1 - Get a Chinese version of your school's website.

Building China Student Recruiting WebsitesResponsive Chinese Student Recruiting Websites


A Chinese version of your school/institutions website is the first and easiest step.
The ROI is very large and the sincerity/interest conveyed to your Chinese market is immeasurable. Chinese parents - most of which do not read English - are very much involved in their child's decision on where to study so a website with them in mind is highly advisable.
(PLEASE NOTE: In many cases it is more beneficial to have the website hosted in China and not in the USA.)


Establish a notable online presence on China's social networks.
Hire a trustworthy company to help post in local blogs and other free advertising websites so as to increase your presence and increase your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Pay Per Click (PPC) in Baidu and other advertising media is also very effective when managed properly.
(PLEASE NOTE: Be careful of inexperienced reps wasting your budget on advertising schemes that are not focused to your target audience.)


Step 2 - Have all relevant advertising translated and available on your website and on all Chinese social media. (Also invest in PPC - pay per click - advertising on Baidu / Google etc...).

  • You will want good translations that "speaks" to your target audience.
  • All relevant items should be made readily available for download from your localized Chinese website.
  • More importantly all media should be on all of the various China social networks such as Ren Ren (China's "facebook"), Weibo (China's "twitter"/"facebook" hybrid), YouKu (China's "You Tube"), QQ and Tencent (China's "Skype" and chat)...
  • Design & manage FOCUSED PPC campaigns that do not waste your budget on "clicks" that do not lead to paying clients.




Step 3 - Research (then establish) best-fit and most profitable institutional linkages.

Successful Chinese University Recruiting

The emphasis here is on research before initiation. WQS will assist you in setting up institutional linkages with China.

  • Find the top matches for your goals and work to set up a mutually beneficial linkage. You do not want to waste time with Chinese institutions that are not sincerely interested or that are not quite what you thought they were.
  • Think niches and specifics.
  • China is a big market and if you focus on your best features it will pay off in the long run.
  • Cooperating with corporations and various industries is also an option.
  • Setting up corporate training, technical training, joint research etc. is also an effective way to get profitable cooperation.

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Establish "Guan-Xi"

You need assistance in establishing "guan-xi" with your Chinese counterparts - "guan-xi" is the basic dynamic in personalized networks of influence in China's society.

WQS will serve as your representative in China and build this relationship by firmly yet tactfully conveying your thoughts, criteria, documents etc.

Note of Caution: It is a fact that the Western culture is more "blunt" than Eastern cultures. If you want to get things done effectively and efficiently then it is good to use the Eastern model of "guan-xi" and "saving face" as this is the local culture in China.

We have the ability and discretion to get this done for you.

Building East - West Institutional Linkages

We will assist you in setting up profitable and effective international linkages (sister schools, student exchanges, etc.).

You give us your American university's information and desired results for specific Chinese student markets.

WQS will do the research and give you a detailed shortlist of Chinese Universities (or high schools) that will be the best match to your desired results. We can then also assist you in establishing "guan-xi" and in program maintenance.

Contact Directly with the Parents

We provide direct access to Chinese parents of your market segment (or individuals).

Your American university's desired marketing details are conveyed to your target audience in mainland China.

WQS will send our professional representatives in China to set up marketing plans, give formal invitations and brochures, interview prospective Chinese students, or as you may request.

Education Websites for Chinese Eyes

Appeal to the Chinese student's eyes with your institution's localized website.


Your Western educational institution desires entry into China's vast, vast market and, of course, you want your product/services to appeal to your target audience in mainland China.



  • WQS will discuss your desires and take the time to understand your recruitment goals.
  • We will then set up best-fit website plans, discuss the overall website strategy and review all key aspects with you to ensure you reach and appeal to your target audience.
  • We will then complete any unfinished translating and localizing all of your content.
  • Finally, we will review the finished site with you and make any changes needed so it has the look and feel you desire.
  • If you would like, we can also schedule for regular reviews and maintenance, so you can ensure to optimize your site after launch.


In addition, we offer China website SEO optimization for your existing website, China search engine PPC advertising management for new and existing websites, social marketing plans and various gorilla marketing campaigns.