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Professional University / Educational Institution Website Design & Localization

Access China's student market directly online...

WQS can design, sponsor and host a China student recruiting website for your American university.

Establishing your American university's own website in China (in Chinese and English languages) will enable your university the power and ability to quickly adapt, update and aim your content at the best market niche with the highest ROI. You will also overcome the pitfall of simply being one university on the long list of hundreds and hundreds of colleges on the typical "study in the USA" search engine websites.

Your website will have SEO (search engine optimization) for Baidu and other Chinese search engines. WQS can manage your PPC (pay per click) advertising on Baidu and other Chinese online platforms. With your own website it is easier to motivate each visitor to fill-in simple, easy-to-complete forms for more information or applications which will be sent directly to your American University's server or designated email account.

WQS can also manage the translating and production of your marketing content for print and digital media. It is essential to provide detailed information in the Chinese language so that students (and more importantly their Chinese parents - that do not understand English) are able to understand the most attractive aspects of your university/college in this increasingly competitive environment of Chinese student recruitment.

Education Websites for Chinese Eyes

Appeal to the Chinese student's eyes with your institution's localized website.


Your Western educational institution desires entry into China's vast, vast market and, of course, you want your product/services to appeal to your target audience in mainland China.



  • WQS will discuss your desires and take the time to understand your recruitment goals.
  • We will then set up best-fit website plans, discuss the overall website strategy and review all key aspects with you to ensure you reach and appeal to your target audience.
  • We will then complete any unfinished translating and localizing all of your content.
  • Finally, we will review the finished site with you and make any changes needed so it has the look and feel you desire.
  • If you would like, we can also schedule for regular reviews and maintenance, so you can ensure to optimize your site after launch.


In addition, we offer China website SEO optimization for your existing website, China search engine PPC advertising management for new and existing websites, social marketing plans and various gorilla marketing campaigns.