China Recruiting Marketing for Schools & Institutions...

Higher Education Marketing Consultants in China

University & Educational Institutions Marketing and Advertising Agents in China

Universities, Institutions, Junior Colleges, English  (ESL) Training Centers - WQS has marketing strategy consultants in China to assist you in tapping China's student market.

WQS has Western and Chinese marketing and advertising consultants with much experience and discretion in dealing with China's education and recruiting market. We will conduct market research and design cost-effective and profitable marketing plans for your university / educational institution in China.

Once we have developed a strategy, WQS can also implement and manage your university's / educational institution's marketing and advertising in China.


Western and Local Representatives in China for Educational Institutions

WQS has Western Representatives (North American, Western European) and local Chinese available to oversee your American university's / educational institution's interests in China.

WQS China Marketing offers practical and economical solutions to partner institutions who want to establish a dedicated presence in China.

A dedicated representative in China will give your university or higher education institution better control or your branding, marketing message and student recruiting efforts in China. WQS offers solutions for managing your alumni networks, agency contacts, institutional linkages, new student / new applicant services as well as to more actively manage your in-market academic and other pathway programs.

Most US universities do not have the time and resources to establish a permanent Representative Office (RO) or Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China. WQS can help by providing a dedicated and loyal China representative at our office in China. This is a legally compliant platform through which you can be more actively involved in directly delivering your brand message to students and others in China that are looking to study abroad.

Please call or email now for a free initial consultation on how to market your products / service in China.

Building East - West Institutional Linkages

We will assist you in setting up profitable and effective international linkages (sister schools, student exchanges, etc.).

You give us your American university's information and desired results for specific Chinese student markets.

WQS will do the research and give you a detailed shortlist of Chinese Universities (or high schools) that will be the best match to your desired results. We can then also assist you in establishing "guan-xi" and in program maintenance.

Contact Directly with the Parents

We provide direct access to Chinese parents of your market segment (or individuals).

Your American university's desired marketing details are conveyed to your target audience in mainland China.

WQS will send our professional representatives in China to set up marketing plans, give formal invitations and brochures, interview prospective Chinese students, or as you may request.