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Business Marketing Consultants in China

Business Marketing and Advertising Agents in China

Marketing strategy consultants in China to assist you in accessing China's vast market.

WQS has Western and Chinese marketing consultants with much experience and discretion in dealing with China's market. We will conduct market research and design cost-effective and profitable marketing plans for your business, products and services.

Once we have developed your winning strategy, WQS can also implement and manage your marketing and advertising in China.


Western Business Representatives in China

WQS has Western Business Representatives (North American, Western European) & local Chinese available to oversee your business interests in China.

WQS China Marketing has Western Representatives (North American, Western European) and local Chinese available to oversee your company's interests in China. WQS offers a practical and high ROI (high return on investment) solution to American, European, Australian/New Zealand and other English speaking clients who want to gain market entry and/or establish a dedicated presence in China to manage your business interests.

A dedicated representative in China will empower your company to better control your branding, marketing and distribution campaigns in China. WQS offers solutions for obtaining and managing your business connections - both new and existing customers, contacts, strategic partnerships etc - and to more actively explore the immense China market initiate successful market entry as well as other pathways to China business.

Many small to medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs do not have the time and resources to establish a permanent Representative Office (RO) or Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China. WQS can help by providing a dedicated and loyal China representative from our office in China. This is a legally compliant platform through which you can be more actively involved in directly delivering your brand message to distributors, China strategic partners and others in China that are interested in your product and/or services.

Please call or email now for a free initial consultation on how to market your products / service in China.

WQS Marketing Benifits

We help you:

  • Start with a lean structure and minimum expenses.
  • Establish clients before your business opens.
  • Shape your business as various opportunities materialize.
  • Promote your business – in China it is important to target efforts.
  • Assist you screen potential clients.
  • Manage and deal with bad / unexpected issues.
  • Help you get optimum market penetration by adapting to the market.

Building East - West Business Linkages

You need profitable and effective business linkages in China (business to business, virtual workers, virtual office, sales/marketing representatives etc.).

You give us your business goals, product / service details and we report back with best-fit proposals for effectively and efficiently obtaining these goals.

WQS is in China to oversee your program maintenance, optimizations and to navigate regulations and local law. If necessary, we can also establish and maintain any necessary "guan-xi", China inspections, China travel / business assistants, shipping and receiving etc...